• Dedicated litigation team: large firm resources with personal attention to your case.
  • Results-driven and Strategic: we work towards the best result for each case, not necessarily the quickest one.
  • Experienced and Local: invested in the Charleston community for 15 years. Our goal is maximizing impact in our area before expanding to other communities.
  • Client-focused: our repeat clients are a testament to our client-focused approach, we build relationships with our clients and want them to return with additional legal needs or give us the ultimate compliment of their referrals.


  • Consult: discuss your case with us.
  • Retain: sign an agreement with us to represent you.
  • Document/interview: gather relevant documents to support your case.
  • File: formally submit a “complaint” to the court.
  • Discover: parties trade documents and answer each side’s questions about the action.
  • Resolve: settlement between parties or trial.

No. Many cases are settled out of court unless a trial is the best option. Mediation is often a good strategy for resolving disputes once a case is filed. Mediators are neutral third parties who facilitate negotiation to resolve disputes outside of a courtroom.

You pay nothing unless we win your case for you.

The J. Davis Law Firm is committed to civility in law.

Private consultation

Located at 234 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 211B, Daniel Island, SC 29492

Private consultation

Located at 234 Seven Farms Drive
Suite 211B, Daniel Island, SC 29492