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High Asset Divorce

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Divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. The J Davis Law Firm is here to walk you through the process from distress to empowerment.

We specialize in high asset divorces in which marital assets exceed $1 million. These cases are more complex, because property is involved as well as retirement accounts and investment portfolios. Our experienced team will assure the best settlement result for you so that you can start the next chapter of your life with confidence and security.

Our firm represents high-net-worth clients in complex asset divorce cases

Our firm handles complex high-net-worth divorce cases (exceeding $1 million assets). We have settled marital estates and handled divorces exceeding $40 million. These are complex cases, but these cases don’t have to be expensive. We start by encouraging the parties through their counsel to collaborate toward reaching a written settlement agreement which the parties then present to the Court for approval. We find this to be the most advantageous path for our clients to reach a meaningful compromise in divorce proceedings.

If the parties cannot collaborate to reach a meaningful compromise and settlement, then we aggressively prosecute your legal rights to get you the maximum dollars and assets of the marital estate to which you are entitled under South Carolina law.

You may reserve a confidential consultation at our private Daniel Island Office by calling (843) 642-8333.

There are Five Grounds for Divorce in South Carolina:

  1. Adultery
  2. Habitual drunkenness
  3. Physical cruelty
  4. Abandonment
  5. No fault, which is based on the parties living separate and apart for at least one year.

There is no legal separation in South Carolina; however, the Courts do award temporary support (money) and housing during the pendency of the divorce litigation. We routinely seek and recover attorney’s fees for our clients during the divorce proceedings to ensure you have the financial resources to protect your rights in divorce litigation.

We routinely works with private investigators, forensic accountants and life-care planners to collect the evidence needed to prosecute your legal rights and to get you the highest recovery in your divorce. Its important that you realize in the divorce your legal share of the marital estate so you can stand on your own, financially and emotionally, and heal.

attorney Jim Davis and paralegal Kim Cochran
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“I highly recommend J. Davis Law Firm. Jim and paralegal, Kim, made me feel very comfortable with my case. They were extremely patient and thorough in explaining everything to me. They were always easy to reach and very responsive with any questions or concerns I had. I’m happy with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend Jim Davis.”

R.S., Recent Divorce Client

The J. Davis Law Firm is committed to civility in law.

Private consultation

Located at 234 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 211B, Daniel Island, SC 29492

Private consultation

Located at 234 Seven Farms Drive
Suite 211B, Daniel Island, SC 29492